FAQ on cloth diapers

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009 in Cloth Diaper
  • How many cloth diaper does a child need?

This depends on baby, e.g. feeding habit of child, how many days before a laundry is done, types of cloth diaper used, nature of residence etc. Pls contact me for further discussion. I am more than willing to help.

  • Is it cheaper to use cloth diaper?

Yes definitely. You may see our calculation here.

  • How to wash cloth diaper?

You should use enzyme free, phosphate free and fabric softener free detergent for all your baby products especially cloth diapers. I do not suggest the use of hands for washing cloth diapers as the your hands may not wash off all the detergent in the cloth diaper. This cases build up problems which leaves your diapers really smelly. Washing machines are best for diaper. Collect enough to make a pile before you throw in to the machine. Pls read more here.

  • What are the types of cloth diapers?

Pls read details here.

  • How long can each diaper last before my baby outgrow the size?

You may purchase One Size (OS) which typically fits from 3.5-16kg depending on brands. This is usually from 1 month old baby to about 3 yrs old. How long a Sized diaper last depends on each brand.

  • What is the lifespan of a diaper?

Diapers can last a long time if you care of it properly. Putting them under the sun is good for bleaching effect but it doesn’t do well on the elastic and the colour. Care for them like how you would care for an expensive dress. :) The more diapers you have, the longer they would last as the frequency of use would be lesser.

  • Would my baby suffer from nappy rash if we use cloth diaper?

Baby suffers 80% less nappy rash compared to a baby put on disposable diapers because there are no chemicals in cloth diaper to create the reaction. Most baby who ended up with a rash from cloth diapers are usually caused by poop in the cloth diaper (as poo is toxic to skin) and detergent built up in diaper. Pls read here to learn how to save your diaper from a detergent built up.

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