Feb 9

Arthur Lawrence Sun Shield, best gift for your baby’s skin!

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 in Baby Basics, Updates

I know a lot of paranoid mothers out there about the sun. It is good to always put some sun shield on your kids before taking them out in the sun. Our Sun is not as healthy as it is years and years ago. Uv rays are so harmful and I even heard kids getting skin cancer. (more…)

Feb 7

I finally try Moon Cup, I LOVE it!!!

Posted on Sunday, February 7, 2010 in Cloth Pad

So I am tired of leaky pads with my extra extra extra heavy menses. Even the post partum pads only last for 1.5 hours on my heavy days. My menses has became so heavy since I put in IUD 3 months ago. So finally I called Li, and said “ok I am gonna get my first cup!! Give me the “Mother Size’”. So apparently, once you have given birth, your “uh hem” gets bigger and looser so the “Non-Mother Size” would be too small. Eeek, what women would do for their children. (more…)

Feb 3

Tiny Bubbles put to the test!

Posted on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 in Baby Basics, Cloth Diaper, Updates

Alright guys, I have tested my own Might Environmental Detergent on my most prone to have build up diapers with my own normal routine wash for diapers and it can last for about 3 weeks before the build up gets bad and I have to strip them with the dish detergent again. For instructions on my own version of wash routine and stripping, pls click here.

So I will be testing Tiny Bubbles next! I will update as soon as (more…)

Feb 2

Graham Bear Wear- Sneak Preview!

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 in Cloth Diaper, Updates

Hi Guys!! So Nancie was kind enough to send me a small picture of my incoming fluffy mail. This is not all that is coming, I think she missed out some pockets. :P When I get my hands on these, I will post it on my store asap! I already have a few person paid in advance. Don’t think there are any left once my cousin comes over next week, (more…)

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