Graham Bear Wear- Sneak Preview!

Posted on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 in Cloth Diaper, Updates

Hi Guys!! So Nancie was kind enough to send me a small picture of my incoming fluffy mail. This is not all that is coming, I think she missed out some pockets. :P When I get my hands on these, I will post it on my store asap! I already have a few person paid in advance. Don’t think there are any left once my cousin comes over next week, she is a devil, wants everything and pays me 2 months later if I am unlucky, Lucy, if you are reading this, uh hem, you are not my ONLY cousin, haha!

Deal is, Nancie has decided to send me an ongoing supply of diapers as long as I pay her in advance which is fine by me, so hopefully I would have constant supply of her stuff in my store, unlike now “high and dry”.

I have also had a discussion with Nancie on how to improve the diapers further. We welcome suggestions as long as they will overall improve and benefit all babies. I hope version 2, is better although it is almost as good as it gets with the current.

By the way, there is a surprise coming up with a special print diaper… ssssh.. stay tuned!

Bring on the comments

  1. yummy yummy…joanne i want the cherry on white…..

  2. Joanne Khow says:

    haha i’ll inform you when they arrive. :)

  3. veria says:

    can reserve for me? :D
    i want the top from the left side.
    because i already have some fabrics like ooga booga, giraffe.

    Joanne Khow Reply:

    oh that is already reserved by a few people, pls choose another one ok?

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