Arthur Lawrence Sun Shield, best gift for your baby’s skin!

Posted on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 in Baby Basics, Updates

I know a lot of paranoid mothers out there about the sun. It is good to always put some sun shield on your kids before taking them out in the sun. Our Sun is not as healthy as it is years and years ago. Uv rays are so harmful and I even heard kids getting skin cancer.

It is not easy to find a good sunshield which is safe for kids. Arthur Lawrence sun shield is extremely safe on kids because it contains no chemical whatsoever and best of all, it does not contain SPF. SPF is very harmful for the skin, I won’t elaborate much as I know a lot of women put their lives on hold to buy SPF products. Just google it and research a bit before you put those things on your skin.

Arthur Lawrence Sun Shield when applied blocks harmful UV rays from absorbing into your skin. Hence this can work on any skin, regardless of the age. His Sun Shield also has zinc in it so for adults using it everyday, it prevents be growth of acne and pimples too. And if you already have pimples on your skin, applying it will help accelerate the healing process as it kills the bacteria hovering on your skin. How good is that? Blocks the sun and kills bacteria. It is also very diluted, it would feel absolutely nothing once you spread it on your skin. Hurry, I only have a few bottles left since Julie bought 8 bottles for every member of her family.

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