Feb 3

Tiny Bubbles put to the test!

Posted on Wednesday, February 3, 2010 in Baby Basics, Cloth Diaper, Updates

Alright guys, I have tested my own Might Environmental Detergent on my most prone to have build up diapers with my own normal routine wash for diapers and it can last for about 3 weeks before the build up gets bad and I have to strip them with the dish detergent again. For instructions on my own version of wash routine and stripping, pls click here.

So I will be testing Tiny Bubbles next! I will update as soon as (more…)

Jan 17

Might Environmental Detergent

Posted on Sunday, January 17, 2010 in Baby Basics, Cloth Diaper, Cloth Pad, Updates

Ok, the photo is finally here. Sorry it took so long and I am sorry so many of you have to buy without knowing how it looks like. It is 1kg and is safe for baby and clean enough for adult clothes. With this detergent, (more…)

Jan 1

Kate of Poverty Jane

Posted on Friday, January 1, 2010 in Cloth Diaper

Im a FULL FULL time mommy and milk maker and loving wife to 5 wonderful boys and 1 neato little girl and one extremely wonderful man. Our oldest (14) to the youngest (1).
My husband and I have a very simple life philosophy, and that is to get back to basics as much as we can. We live, and are currently developing as many features as we can, to live completely off the land. We own a wood boiler for heat in the home, pump water from our well, we use solar power to run electricity and have an enormous garden filled with heirloom plants and currently working towards an all year around greenhouse. We hunt for our meat and raise our own livestock and harvest our own eggs and hang our laundry in the sun to dry. Not to mention my husband mills all the wood we need to create all these projects on our mill from the trees that grow on our land! He has been working on many things, but trying to finish our 150 year old barn conversion that we call “home”. We are looking into a greenhouse and making a root cellar. Its fun! But lots of work! And its work that we have happily chosen to do because we believe in a way of life that is completely disappearing from our existence. (more…)

Dec 25

Why Cloth Diaper?

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009 in Cloth Diaper
  • Cloth Diaper saves money. The cost of using disposable diapers on a baby till 3 yrs old, the average age for a toddler to be fully toilet trained would be RM3832.50.

    While the cost of cloth diapers for the same age group would be RM1569. This figure includes detergent and water needed to wash the diapers. (more…)

    Dec 25

    FAQ on cloth diapers

    Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009 in Cloth Diaper
    • How many cloth diaper does a child need?

    This depends on baby, e.g. feeding habit of child, how many days before a laundry is done, types of cloth diaper used, nature of residence etc. Pls contact me for further discussion. I am more than willing to help.

    • Is it cheaper to use cloth diaper? (more…)
    Dec 25

    Types of Cloth Diapers (that I know of)

    Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009 in Cloth Diaper

    Diaper Types & Sizing

    One Sized vs Sized Diapers

    Sized diapers can come in either Sizes XS (premature babies), S (New Borns), M, L and XL

    Cons: They fit babies better, less bulky so it hides better under clothes.

    Pros: You spend money because you need to change sizes in line with the growth of baby. (more…)

    Dec 25

    Dollars & Cents of Cloth Diaper

    Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009 in Cloth Diaper

    Cost of using disposable diaper:

    1 disposable diaper cost about RM0.70

    You need about 5 a day minimally and its not healthy to change them any lesser times.

    RM0.70 x 5 pieces = RM4.20 x 365 a year = RM1533 x 3 yrs = RM4599

    TOTAL COST: RM4599 (more…)

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