Dec 26

Mosquito Trap

Posted on Saturday, December 26, 2009 in Baby Basics

Joanne says:
This product can cover a large living area but for different rooms and levels, we suggest a separate device. Or you may alternate the location where you place the device. The proper placement of this product is important to ensure it is at its most effective. Make sure it is away from wind or fan when this is turned on as it will deter mosquito from flying around it. Always place this device at least 2 meters from the ground and it will work best when there is least human interaction hence, this is best used when no one is at home or during the night when everyone is sleeping. A good trick is to use this in your bed room 2 hours before bed time when the room is not occupied by anyone, this is to ensure mosquitos are not distracted by the multiple source of carbon dioxide. Having said this, this product is very safe and can be used all night or day in a room with baby or adult. (more…)
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