Dec 25

Wool, Fleece or Pul Cover

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009 in Cloth Diaper


Natural wool material is absolutely amazing. Wool can absorb liquid  up to 30% of its own weight before it will start leaking through, so it is an absolute great diaper cover cum soaker. Some wool pants have double layers which would give added protection for babies who are heavy wetter. Wool is extremely breathable and how do we know that? Just pull the frabic and you can see through the wool from the holes on it. Using a breathable diaper cover keeps the temperature lower inside the diaper, which is more comfortable for the child and reduces diaper rash issues. (more…)

Dec 25

Types of Cloth Diapers (that I know of)

Posted on Friday, December 25, 2009 in Cloth Diaper

Diaper Types & Sizing

One Sized vs Sized Diapers

Sized diapers can come in either Sizes XS (premature babies), S (New Borns), M, L and XL

Cons: They fit babies better, less bulky so it hides better under clothes.

Pros: You spend money because you need to change sizes in line with the growth of baby. (more…)

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